TORONTO — Hunterwood Chase Inc. dba. HWC Media has officially rebranded to 18K PRODUCTIONS. In preparation of this change we have acquired the domain which will now host our official website.

– – –

When I first started this company, it was just a holding company or legal structure for some of the web projects I was working on at the time. I was an 18 year old kid who just wanted to chase his dreams and make a living on his own terms with no rules or limitations.

While I was successful at achieving this, it no longer reflects the current vision and direction of this company.

Even in 2018 I had the foresight that one day I could make this company something that is bigger than myself, although as life often is, it did not take the path I would have expected.

Things never go exactly as planned. Your dreams, purpose, goals and convictions all change as you grow as a person and as an organization. Often it takes a lot of time, failure and reflection to find out why your business truly exists on this planet for.

This rebrand better reflects the changes and realizations the company has gone through over that time.

Our new mission is simple:

“To create the highest quality content on the internet with the greatest reach.”

This rebrand marks a new beginning for this company.

A commitment to be laser focused on our newly refined mission and to become a widely recognized brand online.

95% of gold jewelry is made from 14K or lower karat gold.

18K is brighter, heavier, more valuable, more pure, higher quality and more authentic than the masses.

The future of this company is bright and rich like 18K gold.

— Cole Pippo, Founder